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Innovation, Design and Strategy – David Güemes, Gerardo Muñiz y Flavio Marin

How do I achieve something different and unique?

  1. Understand the processes of innovation and design as part of defining value propositions.
  2. Define the interaction between the processes of innovation and the strategic direction of the company.
  3. Learn how to apply Design Thinking and Disruptive Innovation Thinking.

Accounting and Finance for Innovation – Teresa Elizondo, Jaime Silva

How do I know that my business idea makes sense and is viable?

  1. Analyze the impact of transactions and economic events on the financial accounts.
  2. Understand the accounting methods and their impact on the presentation of financial information.
  3. Review the fundamental financial instruments.

Marketing Administration – Jorge Wise, Carlos Martínez

How do I know what my customer prefers?

  1. Understand the marketing process – especially with regard to strategic planning –, the client behavior and consumption behavior.
  2. Learn about the importance of the right marketing mix (“the four Ps”): Product, Price, Promotion and Place.
  3. Find out how to make clever use of market research.


Developing a New Business – Ana Laborde, Adán López Miranda

How will I validate my project?

  1.  Consult with experts from the field in order to find out if your project is feasible.
  2. Analyze not only the technical feasibility of creating the product or service, but also the potential of the market and industry.
  3. Obtain a project validation from the start in order to avoid major problems at a later point in time.

Operations and Costs – Mohammad Reza

How do I consolidate my project?

  1. Analyze instruments and techniques for running the operations of a new business in a profitable way.
  2. Learn about the importance of the supply chain strategy and the logistics of supply chain management.
  3. Choose the right supply-chain for your product of service, considering profit maximization and the competition.
Fundaments of Engineering for Innovation – José Manuel Sánchez

How do I organize myself?

  1. Develop the necessary technical and administrative abilities for the planning of business operations.
  2. Learn how to administer resources for an efficient and effective transition for the product or service from the supplier to the customer.
  3. Choose what type of business organization to use and learn how to organize your business according to the market environment and the laws that might affect it.


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